Thursday, January 21, 2021
Together in Love and Faith

Our Staff

Keith A. Turner, Pastor

Throughout my life, I have experienced a number of transitions and changes. And, while all of them brought difficulty and challenges, I can look back and see that God used each of them to form and shape me in ways I could have never expected. When I moved from my small-town West Virginia home to begin college at Asbury University, I changed and grew by leaps and bounds. When I entered seminary at Asbury Theological Seminary, that change and growth continued. As I transitioned into a new season of life, my faith grew and became my own. When I moved on from Asbury to Evansville, Indiana, I can remember stepping into a full-time ministry position with everything changing: a new house, a new schedule, a new group of friends and co-workers, and new policies and procedures to learn. By the way, I have left the University of Evansville still having not learned them all! Over time, the newness became normal. But grace abounded. Newness is all around us even now. I will have new names to learn, new stories to hear, a new schedule, new policies and procedures while processing the reality of leaving names and stories behind. And still, grace continues to abound. 

Karen Miller, Administrative Assistant (April thru October) Church Treasurer
Rebecca Dorn, Music Director
Julia Pittenger, Administrative Assistant & Organist-October thru April
Tom Schamp, Media and Community Connection Director