Thursday, January 21, 2021
Together in Love and Faith

Ministry Support

Ministry Support consists of a number of teams that support and develop church programs.  Please contact Pastor John A. Young  at (765) 288-4257 if you are interested in any of these ministry support areas.


Governing Council  

The decision-making body in the church composed of the chairpersons of committees and team leaders ministries, and at-large representatives.

Endowment/Memorial Committee

Develops guidelines, communicates, and manages the endowment and memorial funds of the church.


Oversees the financial responsibilities of the church, prepares the annual budget and conducts annual stewardship campaigns.

Lay Leadership

Works closely with the pastor and other church leaders to identify interests and gifts and to match them with resource needs for ministry.

Staff Parish

Advises the pastor and staff for effective ministry within the congregation.

Coordinate the maintenance for the church facilities.